You are currently viewing Trust My Travel’s Package Travel Protection Q&A​

Trust My Travel’s Package Travel Protection Q&A​

Trust My Travel's Package Travel Protection Q&A

Karen King and Melanie Ratcliffe 

Trust My Travel’s General Manager and Business Solutions 

  1. What exactly is Trust My Travel’s Package Travel Protection? 

Trust My Travel’s Package Travel Protection is a fully managed solution for Travel Businesses that are required to meet the PTR/ PTD regulations. It is a simple, easy, and uncomplicated solution for Travel Providers. Firstly, there is a monthly subscription service that covers IACH pay-outs and transactions with different plans to suit your business needs. Secondly, pay as you go processing and protection so no need to have a bond, and traveller funds are protected in a trust account backed by a financial failure insurance policy. 

2. Who will it best serve? 

Any UK or EU travel business that needs to meet the UK Package Travel Regulations or EU Package Travel Directive. 

3. Why the change and why now?

Why change? We have over a decade of service in the travel protection industry, working with the Tours and Activities market since we started the business. We now want to widen our horizons to the Package Travel Market. Trust my Travel can see the need for an out of the box solution with a payment gateway and financial failure insurance all in one place. No shopping around for separate insurances or policies 


Why Now? With PTR reform on the horizon and more travel providers not wanting to have a Bond we want to offer an alternative, more cost effective, product. 


4. What’s Included and Why? 

We have a three-tier subscription model (Essential, Enhanced and Enterprise) where transactions and pay-outs fees are included in the monthly subscription payment.  

The amount varies on the level of subscription your business requires. 


To make our solution easy to understand, affordable and businesses can plan their monthly ou

t goings. 

5. How will current clients be impacted? 

Current clients will stay on the contracts they have originally signed and continue to be serviced to our highest standard. There will be no change to the service we already provide.  

6. What If I would like to move over to the Package Travel Protection product?

Not a problem, just let us know that you are interested, and we can set up a call to talk you through the options, benefits and help you make a smooth transition.   

 7. What is exciting about this new direction for the business? 

The new direction we are taking for the business is very exciting in the fact that we can now supply the travel providers with a simple, easy to use solution that covers everything that they need on one platform. All transaction and pay-outs fees are included in one monthly payment with only the success of your business determining how much you need to pay for processing. It allows us to be able to tap into a wider market and aid those who are in need an out of the box solution.  


We love working for Trust My Travel and are super excited about the growth of our company and the expansion into the package travel market.