Designed by a travel provider, for travel providers.

A protected payments solution built specifically for travel businesses​ who need UK and EU Package Travel compliant protection.

And, relax…

A travel-specific solution built with the entire value chain in mind

We take the stress out of running your travel business

With travel seen as a high-risk industry, Travel Providers can find it hard to access and afford payment products and financial protection. Our CEO, Will, would know having worked in travel and been met with these barriers, first-hand.

Will and the Trust My Travel team understand that the relationship between payment services and the travel industry cannot be built on trust alone which is why we’ve created a layered protection solution that safeguards all parties against the risk exposure to failure within the travel value chain.

By plugging in Trust My Travel, you can start accepting payment with UK Package Travel Regulations and EU Package Travel Directive compliant protection built-in.

Purpose-built and fully managed monthly subscription

Apply once for both financial protection and payment processing.

Trust My Travel’s financial protection model gives Acquirers and Payment Facilitators the Level 2 and 3 data and risk mitigation they need to:

  • Feel comfortable extending their services to the travel trade at an accessible rate; and
  • Approve applications for merchant services without onerous and time-consuming documentation checks.
All prices include as standard


Bank Transfers Processing
and Protection


UK/EU Domestic Processing
and Protection


UK/EU Intra Processing
and Protection


ROW Processing
and Protection

Our blended processing rates include financial protection of consumer funds. Trust My Travel’s financial protection model is a holistic solution comprising two layers: a Trust Account and Financial Failure Insurance.

Simplify your payments with Trust My Travel's easy-peasy, fully managed, subscription solution.

One platform for money in, money out, and protection.

Trust My Travel's out of the box subscription service means you can choose the right plan for you business and increase transaction and pay-out volume as you scale.

Pay as you go Processing

No Rolling Reserve, no Collateral or Bond, and no trade membership required. Just select a monthly subscription plan that suits your business, complete an online application and pay for insolvency protection as you process transactions.

Settle Suppliers before departure

Early Releases from Trust to pay suppliers are covered by financial failure insurance. Early draw down is approved on application.

Intelligent fraud prevention built-in

  • PCI Level 1 payment gateway
  • Real-time transaction flag and reject functionality
  • Blacklist suspicious cards
  • Transaction velocity checks

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